A distorted Christmas

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about a Facundo Christmas. When the clock strikes twelve we slice our ham, eat our queso de bola and dip our bread in hot tsokolate just like any other Noche Buena. We open our gifts (which seem to lessen every year), laugh at the weird presents relatives are always keen on giving every year and call dibs on those items of clothing we think our siblings should share in the spirit of giving. Then we hold hands together during Christmas mass.

It’s always been a quiet Christmas at the Facundo household, especially with the kids all grown up now. We don’t have any special traditions, games or drunk boisterous relatives to make it interesting. I feel that we’ve always been nonchalant about the holidays which doesn’t necessarily undermine it either. As I get older, and the youthful yuletide awe I used to have lessens, I’ve noticed that the nonchalance gets even more evident.

This year it was the same old traditions, except for one simple moment that makes this Christmas particularly memorable.

The photobooth on Ate Pia’s MacBook Pro was turned on. And for some reason, like moths to a flame, each Facundo member eventually found themselves in front of it. My parents being the technology impaired generation that they are were so amused by the photobooths distorting effects. And we, their kids, willingly humored it.

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. 5 people making funny faces in front of the photobooth. But the gut-wrenching, side-splitting, gasping for air laughter that immediately ensued was heard loud above the mundane.

I wouldn’t classify it as any tradition, but as momentarily distorted as it was, that sure felt like Christmas to me.

I love taking reflection pictures. These christmas lights make it look extra nice.

Queso de bola and ham are 2 noche buena staples. This year I wanted to be helpful so i sliced the cheese.

I think Fred Flinstone can pass as my dad’s doppleganger but here he kinda looks like buddha. He’s patiently waiting for the rest of us to open gifts!

2011 is the year for downloading! I am so happy that my sisters gave me an external hardrive which is what I wanted. I usually suck at picking out gifts but luckily they liked what I gave them this year! I have to give myself some credit haha.

My tita’s gift to my sister who’s an awesome cook. She’s a KITCHEN BITCH.

Kippy, my dog saying BAH HUMBUG. He doesn’t hate christmas -just having his picture taken.

He’s not as scary as his teeth portray him to be. He’s my baby :)

We usually host at least one family Christmas party. My mom’s side of the family, the Salanguits and Arespacochaga’s came over for lunch. Those are my grandparents with us, their lovely apo’s!

That’s my guapito 14 year old cousin Quino. He’s going to break hearts one day.

*Cue* We got it from our momma


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