The Christmas Chills

Photo editing courtesy of Marji!

Excuse me for stating the obvious but one of the reasons why Christmas is a great holiday is because it’s the season for thoughtful gestures and selfless service for one another. For me this year had the most get-together’s and Kris Kringles which I blame for the holiday weight i’ve already gained and my already lacking of funds.

We already spend so much time with our friends so what makes these hang outs so special right? But I can’t deny, even though we’re pretty much doing the same thing as the rest of the year – eating, drinking, chilling, there’s something about this holiday that leaves you with the afterglow of love and appreciation for one another.  Maybe it’s the point that barkada’s make to take time out of their busy schedules to spend some quality time together that makes the difference.

I’m not one for gifts – receiving or giving them whether it’s at Christmas or birthdays. I’m usually apathetic towards them which is why I don’t mind whether I receive them or not. I  don’t even get excited at the prospect of them either. But thanks to the Kris Kringles this year, I have to admit i did feel somewhat tingly inside. It’s kind of nice to say what you want in your wish list and have someone make an effort to buy it for you, even if it’s as mundane as a set of earphones or a pack of your favorite chocolate.

On the gift-giving end, it’s also nice to return the favor for someone. I guess sometimes we, or at least I find it difficult to say what I want without the fear of sounding selfish or demanding because it might be too expensive. Although it’s kind of a materialistic gesture, this year’s exchanges reminded me that there are actually people willing to give it to you, because they love, or at least like you enough.

Another pleasant surprise were the thoughtful gestures and gifts that came out of nowhere.  A resolution of mine for next year is to be more thoughtful. Compared to other characteristics, there’s so much more value in genuine kindness. It not only comes from your heart, but it will move that of others as well.

Anyways, it’s Christmas eve tonight. And although the break has just begun for me (because Ateneo ended so late) I already have so many get togethers, friends and even gifts to be thankful for. I already have the Christmas chills and it’s not even Christmas yet!  Thank you to those below : )

It took forever to finally agree on a date and place for my Bacolod/CDO friends. But the endless debates and FB threads was worth it to reach a consensus. Our first Christmas together and hopefully not our last.

Thank you Marji for my hot black skirt!

Whether you love it, or hate the gift like Shoti (on the right who’s questioning his sister’s gift to him), as cliche as it it sounds, it’s the thought that counts!

The URock Christmas party at the house of Halili – another first for me. Although NU is now defunct, as I said before URock lives on in our hearts. Hopefully this continues despite the station being closed down.

The g Christmas dinner at Banapple! You’re always bound to have great conversation amongst writers.

Thank you Lexie for my National GC and Javi for my Starbucks one. GC’s always make my Kris Kringle wish list because you can never go wrong with them.

ACOMM Kris Kringle and party. I’m so glad i got to know this crazy bunch of com majors this year.  Here’s the current eb and core together!

But here’s the potentially future EB of ACOMM? Hmmm.

For next year’s elections we have to work some issues out, but no matter what happens, we’ll always have each other’s asses. Right, lauren? Haha!

You always work well with people you respect which explains my wonderful dynamic with my Projects dept. ladies

This was probably my most unexpected kilig moment of the holidays. I dropped by my INTACT freshman block christmas party and they gave me and our advisor a gift! Super sweet! A couple of them even texted me afterwards and they said thanks for being a great facilitator! As difficult as handling and motivating a class can be, it’s moments like this that remind me why I enjoy doing it in the first place. : )

Here’s another unexpected gesture. The girlfriend of Jobim, who’s our HS guy bestfriend, cooked a delicious dinner for Christmas for us, the girl bestfriends. And they gave us gifts too! She’s a keeper, and so are good, old genuine friends like the ones I’m so lucky to have in my life. : )


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