Late but not forgotten # 2

The second and last of the “late but not forgotten  series of photoblogs”

Have you ever noticed that compared to boys, girls seem to take longer to get closer and open up to new girls? Well, at least that’s in my experience. It could also be a high school barkada mentality where the only people you want to get to know in college are those  of the opposite sex.

But anyways, stereotypically speaking, boys can easily bond over a game of basketball, while for girls shopping is something usually reserved for our closest BFF’s and can’t be done for free.  If universally boys is to sports, then what is to girls?  Maybe the answer is boys HAHA.

I mention this because a couple of weeks ago, my bestfriends and I had coffee with a girl friend of ours, Michiko. You know how it works. Being part of the same crowd who goes to the same parties is limited to nothing more than a name you see pop up constantly on your feed, have pictures and (occasionally) get drunk with. It took more than a year for us to get out of the social networking induced friendship limbo. Why did it take so long for us to meet and hang out? It was so much fun, us 4 girls talking hours on end about love and relationships (among other things of course.) Very SATC.

The following Saturday my childhood/ISM bestfriend since Gr. 1 visits the north all the way from Taft. She went to watch her boy’s soccer game and hang out with me. Although I wasn’t her primary reason for going to Katipunan, lets say we did more talking than watching. And more oggling than watching too.  HAHA. We’re so different from each other but she’s like family to me so it doesn’t really matter now does it?

Then out of nowhere Karen surprises me by dropping a line via Facebook PM to set up a long over due catch up date. I was kilig! It wasn’t that long ago when we used to spend our summer swimming, yoga-ing, spa-ing, baking, foodie & hipster music tripping, tumblr raving and talking about our future.

Well, that afternoon we still talked about our future, but it’s kinda overwhelming to see how much that has overlapped with our present in just a year and intimidating to see how far it will continue to. Naturally we still talked about boys, but I have to applaud our ability to not make it the first thing that came out of our mouths.

It’s kinda sad how A3 has pretty much disbanded since sophomore year. But it’s efforts like this that still make me smile.

Fast forward to the people I do experience my college life with now. Another T.G.I.F night chilling at Loyola Film Circle’s Underneath the Stars event.

So many freaking couples being all kinds of sweet around me. But it’s okay if it’s Gabe & Marji because they’re my new favorite couple!

We must not let the robots take over.

Eat & live life with gusto. The double down was an over hype oozing with oil, but props to KFC for an effective marketing strategy. If you don’t mind, i’ll stick to burger buns.


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