The Battle of Katipunan’s Extension: Banapple VS Conti’s

This is my second food review and i’ve learned that writing about food is definitely a lot harder than it tastes. Nonetheless,  it’s still fun to do and my partner Lexie & I tried our best to get our inner foody out.  Click the link to see whether Banapple (Lexie) or Conti’s (Me) won!


With new restaurants popping up along Katipunan every few months, Ateneans’ dining choices are endless. It’s certainly easier to stick to the establishments near school, but resisting the call of Katipunan Extension’s Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes and Conti’s Pastry Shop & Restaurants is becoming quite the challenge. They serve similar fare that satisfies both an empty stomach and a sweet tooth, but before you hop into the car or hail that elusive cab, g has the verdict on which restaurant actually deserves the trip.


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