Confessions of a coward

Rica Facundo is not a coward.

A couple of days ago something happened. It wasn’t a big something. In fact, it’s pretty trivial and when it was over and done with, I realized just how ordinary it was to begin with.

But in retrospect, even though the choice that presented itself to me isn’t a big deal, it’s how I decided to react to it that was. These small moments, as insignificant as they may seem in the present, they speak so much about how you’ll be making your decisions in the future.

I realized that these are the moments that define the difference between an ordinary someone who’s satisfied with “just enough” and a successful someone who’s not afraid to push it just a little bit further.

In those 10 minutes I sat debating with anxiety, insecurity and hyperventilation as my companions,  I told myself “Stop being such a pussy. Challenge by choice!” To further motivate myself I remembered a recent inspiring blog entry of a good friend of mine who said “Do one thing that scares you everyday.”

So I did.

Will I allow fear to guide how I live my life, even in these small seemingly insignificant moments?

No, because to not be a coward in my present means to not be a coward in my future.


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