Food for thought

This is why I love my Sunday's.

The first week of second semester, junior year has officially come and gone. Although I can’t seem to recall exactly what I did all those past first-week-of-semester-days, this one felt like the best one yet. It feels like a food-for-thought and not a food-for-fat kind of semester. I want to feed my mind and not just my belly that never seems to go away.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

Firstly, despite their impending workload and potentially hard grading system, I love my teachers and the kind of work ethic of which they preach. I’m a sucker for teachers who are great educators.

Although I’ve been called crazy by a few people for doing this, I was able to successfully load rev into the legendary Fr. Dacanay’s Theology class. 2 classes in and I have no regrets. Sure he looks intimidating from afar (or up close given that I’ve made a personal trip to his office regarding transferring), but the moment he starts lecturing you forget the intimidation because it turns into an education that you won’t forget, probably for the rest of your life.

I also have Jim Paredes for my com elective. Although our classes have yet to begin, I’m excited. I have no idea whether I’ll learn anything academic in class, because some have told me that it’s boring, but I’m secretly a fan girl. I want to learn from someone who lives, breathes and writes his ideals.

Then there’s Integrated Marketing Communication taught by Ms. Nanagas, a class I was initially hesitant on taking because it’s 3 hours on a Saturday morning. But I don’t mind saying goodbye to Friday nights and sleep-in-Saturday mornings if I have teachers who are great and fun educators.

Secondly, I’ve begun exercising again with Selina & Arbie to accompany me as running buddies. I’ve already conquered my first 5km straight! I now regularly run 4-5km straight (that’s 20-25 laps around Moro!) every week.

What amazes me is that 1. I’ve never been able to run this consistently and far before 2. I’m running without an ipod 3.I’m genuinely enjoying it! It’s one of those things that you completely do for yourself in your own time.

Eating at BURGER PROJECT, Maginhawa St. for lunch. SO GOOD.

Thirdly, I love my friends. From late night Amarreto Sour nights with my 2 bestfriends, visiting Gabe at the hospital,  and lunch dates, its been a laugh trip all the way. This is what I love about junior year – finally being settled & satisfied with some consistency.

With my 2 bestfriends on a different night but where we're equally as crazy as we usually are

This semester is all about food for thought, with school, my self, and my friends. So excuse me as I help myself to more servings!


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