Gyud Times

Sembreak 2010, October 17-21. Cagayan De Oro

Last summer a small group of friends were sitting in the cafeteria wanting to do something awesome over the break. After much idle planning, finally we pushed through to Bacolod, which was one of the best trips I’ve ever had in my life.

Fast forward to now, sembreak 2010, and I have yet another fantastic trip to add: 5 days, a mix of friends and seemingly random strangers and acquaintances going on 1 adventure.

Who would’ve thought that one moment on a humid day in the Ateneo could grow into something like this? And take me to places like Bacolod, Cagayan De Oro, Camiguin doing things like white water rafting, zip lining and cliff diving?

All it takes is one, whether that’s as a small group or one person to initiate something potentially amazing. You never know where and with whom that one initiative can take you. As for me, I couldn’t imagine what my college life would’ve been without it.

Click to see where it took us this break!


The obligatory airport picture! Apparently, CDO is known as the city of the Golden Friendship. Why? Well, i’m not exactly sure haha.

Thank God for having friends from the provinces to house us. Thank you Fez & Marjie for your generosity!

When my sister books flights she gets the earliest flight going there and the latest flight going back so she can maximize the stay which is what we did.

Our flight was around 6am so after arriving in CDO and eating breakfast, the first to-do on our agenda was to conquer the 21 white water rapids! Kudos to Marjie for this awesome movie like photoshopped poster.

Our guide told us that if we didn’t flip at least once then we didn’t have the real white water experience. Some of us were scared, while others were pumped up!

And flip we did! Countless of times! When you fall into the water, just lift your feet forward, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. A metaphor for when life gets rough perhaps?

See how we crash and burn!

Snack time! Pastel, which is like buns with creamy filling is like the most delicious thing i’ve ever tasted from the province. And it tastes extra good after a long ride!

I am always the default bartender & inuman-games facilitator. Time to get your drink on!

Drunkards like Marjie make my job easier though. She makes a REALLY GOOD drunk comedian. She will kill me if I ever post her video but it’s potentially a youtube sensation.


We were perpetually always on the go. Despite our inuman the night before, we had to be up by 6am to catch our ferry to Camiguin! Thank you early risers for waking up the hung over.

I just had to put this picture because keena is so kyut.

Camiguin is beaaautiful! Boracay seriously pales in comparison to all the other beautiful UNTOUCHED places of the Philippines.

We took a short boatride to White Island, which is a white sandbar that disappears during high tide. Or in our case, during a storm. So we only had a total of 1 hour beach bumming and camwhoring. :( AND, i lost my fedora because of the storm :(

But we still made the most out of the time we did have. Group pic!

Working the wind effect haha.

As my philo teacher Dr. Garcia would say: We are floating in the sea like an unthinking ameoba

Tummy suck in in 1, 2, 3!

Fez: Selina you’re so wild

Selina: No fez, I’m just laughing at your wildness.

Drunk jengga and makeshift karaoke night


I don’t have any pictures from the boatride from hell, but it was the worst  and longest 2 hours of my life! I’ve discovered that I can get seasick. Thus, no pictures.


Ziplining in one of the longest ziplines in err Asia? I think. 800+meters! It was part of our white water rafting package.

I love candid, ridiculous pictures such as this. It makes me never want to grow up.

I’M ON TOP OF THE WOOOORLD. Doesn’t the harnesses make you look like a car seat cover?

I had to post this just in case you’re having a bad day and wanting a good laugh. HAHA

I also love random, running pictures.

Of jejemons and lions.

We had dinner in the city. Candy’s is the place to go for awesome dessert! I love meeting up with friends in places outside of the city. It makes the world feel smaller. Hi Jairus!


Last day of our trip means shopping for pasalubong! Visit Fruit Stand (yes it’s actually a proper noun) for lanzones, CDO’s/ Camiguin’s specialty!

Overall, we had a very GYUD time! It’s a bisaya word which according to Gabe means…

“The meaning of cagayon de oronese word “gyud”Just like the blank letter in scrabble, it can actually be substituted to any word in english taglog or cagayan de oronese. example “damn our trip was so gyud!!!!” “gyud is gyud while I was takinggyud because gyud.”

Until the next adventure!


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