Lucky in love – A letter to my parents

30 day letter challenge

Day 3: A letter to my parents

Dear Mom & Pops,

“Diyan ang parents ni Rica” says coach as he smokes his yosi while talking to a friend outside of the San Juan Arena. It’s a working weekday and yet you still come to watch my games even if I’m not the one playing basketball.

Until now I find it amusing how basketball, which is traditionally shared between father and son has brought me closer to you guys. Whether we’re analyzing the game together or talking about its latest tsismis, I feel the love.

Because if there’s one thing I learned this year it’s the importance of sharing your life with the people you love. So, thank you…

…for standing up for me when i learned what real life was the hard way.

…for listening and wiping away my tears that night i felt down. There’s nothing like a late night food trip to a 5 star hotel between father and daughter to make me feel better.

… for watching all my games, whether live or on Tv.

… for bringing me to all my games, even if it’s a weekday.

… for supporting me no matter what i decide to do.

How lucky am I to have parents who are all these things and more?

Very lucky.

“Oo parents ko yun” I say while I make kwento to my friends, sipping my beer telling them about how you guys have been so supportive. It’s a weekend and yet I still talk about you, even if i don’t have to.

So thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart,

Your loving daughter Rica


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