Cover Over Coffee

Cover Over Coffee. September 17. Friday. Seattles Best Katipunan

A little over 3 months ago I remember sitting in Fruit Magic, Katipunan with my wonderful Projects Dept. ladies, pitching to Stef (my uberly talented VP) why we should still keep Cover Over Coffee in ACOMM’s roster this year. Despite being born and raised out of unfavorable conditions in the past, I saw its potential.

Perhaps it was my penchant for coffee and interest in journalism that made me take on the responsibility, but I believed that it could be great, and it was! It’s such a good feeling to see a belief actualized into something tangible. As long as you think something is good enough, then you’re the only one who can make sure it actually is.

And the same notion applies to my pair of project managers. They were freshmen who were inexperienced yet ambitious and brimming with all kinds of potential. And that excites me! Because asides from our obvious age difference (I refused to be called ate or miss), I felt like a mother who wanted nothing more than to see her babies grow.  And through them so did I. I am so proud!

Although it’s a pain in the ass to learn from, experience really is the best teacher (for them and myself) and this project gave us a fair share of that.

Anyways, excuse my overly mushy sentiments. I’ve headed projects before but this is the first one that was entirely my responsibility so I’m a little bit more than attached. The project turned out exactly the way I wanted it to be: intimate, engaging, and intellectual.

I sound like a broken record already but thank you to our speakers Jed Segovia, Raymond Ang and Mico Halili as well as those who attended and enjoyed more than the free cups of coffee.  :)

Click to see pics and quotable quotes!

We could only be as good as our speakers. Luckily we had awesome ones who were all insightful, eloquent and interesting! Well, what else do you expect from an Atenean? Hahahah! Anyways, look ahead for some quotable quotes.

On being a journalist:  Be an “individual” and have the “pakisama” – Raymond Ang

“Tell the story in the best way ever. That’s the allure. See beyond your own reality.” – Jed Segovia

On writing: “You can talk about anything with an intelligent intensity” – Mico Halili

Why Twitter > Facebook. “If I have to read your BS in the morning, at least it’s in 140 characters” – Mico Halili

“Credibility is all about self-confidence” – Mico Halili

“Twitter is like poetry in 140 characters.”- Mico Halili

Originally we used free frappes to entice people to go. But it was nice to read from the evaluation forms that the project was worth so much more than that.

Giving myself a thumbs up. Relieved!

Alex and Daph, my terrific twosome!

Journalists and writers make for some of the most interesting friends. Thanks for coming!


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