Expectation kills the cat

When Marc Webb illustrated how reality sometimes doesn’t coincide with our reality in his movie 500 Days of Summer, most of us couldn’t help but sigh with a hint of acknowledgment and resentment towards the message. Because it’s movies like this we love and hate for they reflect certain truths that we otherwise would like to obliviously deny to ourselves for as long our hearts can take being disillusioned.

Simply put, expectation can ruin things. If you’re not careful it can execute excitement by putting all your hopes on the guillotine of failure. Once you start anticipating how it should be, or how you want it to be, you have something of which to compare your experiences with and whether or not it comes short.

Be wary when your mind starts shaping a world that should feel limitless. Because being boundless is what made it beautiful in the first place.

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. Expectation does.


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