Why it’s better wet & in 3D

Top 5 reasons why themed parties/inumans/hang outs are awesome (in no particular order):

  1. Although we may be getting older, it shows (at least in pictures) that we’re not boring
  2. It’s a good conversation starter
  3. It looks good in pictures
  4. It makes inumans more than just about drinking.
  5. People transform and strangely become more hyper

In the past 3 weeks two gimmiks have stood out the most. Firstly, Greg’s birthday in 3D and secondly, my bacolod barkada’s water gun/balloon war last Thursday night.

I’ve had taboo, twister and other game nights before but I highly suggest that you have a water fight. I seriously don’t know why we didn’t think of this sooner!

No mercy was shown as we attacked each other with as much vigor as the alcoholic venom invading our body. Unfortunately, it was the booze that emerged victorious in the end as it made us unwillingly (and unconsciously) lift our white flag before 12am. Almost everyone was a casualty.

Click to see the madness that is captured when you leave your camera laying around.

I’ve been MIA with the singles group lately, who have left me in college to join the world of the (un)employed. They made up a good part of my college adventures.

Especially my memories with Marnee – an unlikely friendship made between two Makati girls who were looking for some one to count on. She left for the US a couple of weeks ago for work but I miss her already! That’s why a separate photo is dedicated to her.

Have you met Joey? He is officially my favorite drunk person. It’s always fun to chronicle his series of intoxicated events.

See what i mean when I say glasses transform people?

Dancing – 3d style.

But in real life we can’t afford P400 3d movies (unless we’re with our parents) which is why instead of watching Despicable Me last Thursday we played Power Station instead. And in true high school fashion we got neoprints. Ang cool kami pohwz.

Don’t you miss sitting on grocery carts as a kid? Arbie can still get away with it because he still kinda is.

Prepping for war and loading up on ammunition.

Don’t forget the battle face! Feeling Lara Croft haha.

No mercy.

No survivors.


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