The write perspective

A friend recently told me that everyone can write, but not everyone can write stories.  Personally, writing may be my hobby but stories are my life which is why I try my best to integrate both.

Frankly, I know that I’m not the best writer out there. All I have to do is read the blogs and articles of  my talented orgmates,  friends and block mates to remind myself of how powerful words can be when used cleverly and masterfully.

As for me, well, I write the way I speak which tends to translate into long run on sentences that pretty much reflects my never ending and often all over the place train of thought.  Insert my penchant for metaphors and smilies with with its underlying hint of exaggeration then you’ve got Rica’s indigestion splattered all over this blog. Over time I’ve learned and am still learning how to hone it into something a little bit more comprehensible.

But despite this I try my best to get the story out, whether they’re mine or of my friends. At the end of the day as I stare (blankly) into my computer screen, sharing is the number one reason why I bother in the first place. Because regardless of the plot, stories, whether they’re mine or of my friends, are what I feel makes life interesting. You can live vicariously through the tales of other people and hopefully learn something from their experiences.

That’s why I get excited to write, not only here but on g, the Guidon’s online magazine, whose awesome faces you can see above. As journalists it’s our job to be story tellers and write as if we’re telling the best story in the world.

Personally, it’s the kind of perspective I believe enables people to eventually close and move on to each chapter in their life with a smile. One day it’s going to become a good story to laugh about with your friends. Because despite all the shit in this world, there can be light at the end of a writer’s pen, or in this case on the blogger’s computer screen.


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