Books before boys because boys bring babies

Picture by Pia Facundo

I was cleaning My Documents the other day when I came across my old tumblr entry that I first wrote on word doc. Seeing as I am the single one out of a lot of my friends who are suddenly dating  now I thought it would be amusing to revisit possible reasons for my relationship status now.  At least that’s what I told myself not so long ago hahaha.  Funny how some things have definitely changed since then. And what’s even funnier is how some things haven’t.


7B’s: Books before boys because boys bring babies

The last time I cried over a boy was in the 10th grade. It was minutes before the first bell rang and I was running towards the bathroom, not only fighting tears, but also the realization that “we would just be friends.” However his words seared and infiltrated through my heavily guarded heart and I lost both battles.

I wouldn’t call it heartbreak but probably my closest experience with heartache. Four years later and I’m still single since birth with only a few scribbles from my planner to remind me of a time when it felt easier to let my guard down. (Geez, dramatic and emo much? Haha)

Is it me or was it simpler to date/like someone back when we were hormonally imbalanced adolescents? Now that we’re older it doesn’t seem enough to make people make the first move, or even to reciprocate. Age and experience tends to give us more boxes to tick off in our check list to finding love. But deep inside we know that we never needed the list in the first place. So when and why did it get so complicated?

That was the last time I really liked someone and sometimes I wonder when I’ll find my heart in all sorts of awkward positions again. I’m not really looking especially now when I’m just learning to share myself with well… myself, what more with someone else? So, I’m in no rush.

But I know that when the time comes, whether I’m ready or not, someone will make me lower the white flag and wage in a battle that’s worth the fight.


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