Talkin’ Talk is not just Talk

Minutes before the program started I asked myself: What the heck was I thinking agreeing to do this?

But just minutes after the program started, as my spontaneously random talkative side opened its mouth, I remembered  why.

It’s one thing to be a conversationalist, but it’s another to be one in front of a big crowd, trying to hold their attention for almost 2 hours. That’s the challenge of hosting, especially when you’re doing it alone. There’s no one to count on laughing at your so called jokes or to exchange witty banter with except yourself.  You have to be pretty self-assured to know that you might potentially be the only one amused with your humor and be okay with it.

Admittedly, even though it was a relatively private press launch for UPJMA’s upcoming ADHOC event I was a little nervous. Firstly, I don’t have a lot of experience hosting. Secondly, I was alone. Thirdly, I’m not even from UP!

But apparently I like putting myself in volatile situations where the only thing I can count on besides my limited experience is my instinct. And no matter how crazy I might think I am for voluntarily setting myself up for potential failure, what makes me sane is the thrill I feel when it naturally just works out for itself when I start.

The show must go on and doing these kinds of “performative” work requires the same kind of effort as jumping off a cliff does. You just have to stop thinking about it and just do it. Luckily I did because it turned out a lot better than expected it to and i had loads of fun!

Thanks to Marji for inviting me to host and congrats to the promo team on the successful launch! I am so hyped up for UPJMA’S ADHOC’S ABSOLUTE AFFINITY. It is one of THE best and most anticipated college parties of the school year.

Save the date: SEPTEMBER 4, SATURDAY. Check out the pics from the launch!

From random talking-to-my-crush-when-i’m-intoxicated stories to commenting on Chris Tiu and Derek Ramsey’s arms when they play golf, sometimes I can’t believe some of the things that come out of my mouth haha.

These guys are working their asses off to make that YOU have an awesome ADHOC.

Strength in the support!


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