When life throws you basketballs

If anything, one of the most important things I’ve learned from court side reporting is to always be ready. After all it is a live broadcast and time doesn’t wait for any body.

One of the things that made the initial report nerve wracking was that I didn’t know what to expect. As much as I familiarized myself with the process, no amount of preparation could fully prepare me for that first game. Experience is truly the best teacher because there are just some lessons that are meant to be felt rather than taught.

But never feel too comfortable because you never know what kind of basketball life could throw at you.

In other words, anything can happen on and off the court such as:

  • The player you’re originally supposed to interview hasn’t shown up yet so you have just a couple of minutes to pull new questions out of your ear that’s relevant to your new interviewee
  • After your half time Samsung report you end up going out the wrong end of the gym  so you have to run across the court to make it to the dougout in time to hear the half time huddle
  • Your ear piece starts going funky and you can’t hear the panel introducing you so…
  • You’re either not smiling when the camera is on you or panic begins to tongue tie your words
  • Your player is injured so you have to investigate but that means less time to write/practice your report or in my case being disconnected from what the panel had already said about it
  • Or my personal favorite: You’ve been waiting to deliver your 1Qtr report since the game started but your FD tells you to do it after the first time out. And just when the buzzer sounds he’s frantically motioning at you to come back. And as you hear the panel start to announce your name you’re still running back in a hurry!

So far that has been my experience in a nutshell. Ultimately I’ve realized that the ball is round and so is court side reporting. Anything can and will happen so you have to learn how to deal with the pressure with a smile.


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