Hello, oh eight

Since practically most of my batch mates went abroad to study, I hardly get to see them. So when they are in town, I always find it extremely amusing to hear what they’ve been up to in the past year or even more. Distance makes kwento especially juicy because you’re trying to condense a years worth of stories in a couple of hours. You skip over all the boring parts and go straight to the gossip.

It’s been 3 years since we graduated from high school and if there’s one thing that’s become apparent during our catch up sessions it’s that we are definitely not defined by who we were in high school.

Blame it on the so called hierarchy and the hormones that fuel it but it’s interesting to see what happens to people once they’re released from the pressure, whether it’s societal, parental or academic. It’s like you have the freedom to find your own way of being normal.

In a way I find high school reunions to be the benchmarks on which we gauge how much we’ve changed or stayed the same since we left our adolescent hallways. People tend to surprise you in unexpected ways such as…

  • Internationalized Koreans who end up becoming well, 100%  Korean
  • Smart classmates flunking out because they party too much
  • A valedictorian who is now part of a rowing team but as the small person at the front who shouts orders to a canoe of hot men
  • Conservative christian friend who has a relatively wild love life while you, the apparent liberal one has none haha
  • Someone who is apparently trying to become a recording artist and has a music vid to boot. Yes, trying. Note the sarcasm
  • So on and so forth

Gossip and catching up aside, it’s always awesome to catch up with some of my favorite 08ers! Click for pics!

Sanna & Reg – my resident Ivy league girl friends. Hello Brown and Yale!

You always get close to the people you work with. Bamboo Television and Model United Nations ftw!

While for others, they find love in high school. Hello Angel! Yikeee!


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