Uncharted Territory

This post is about 1 week too late. There have been quite a bit of blog-worthy entries gathering dust in my head lately. But time, school and internet disconnection at the dorm have not been conducive to the writing process. Anyways, there’s no time like the present. And since I have a relatively free Thur night, I’m spending it stealing wifi from Mushroom Burger. ‘Tis such an interesting life I lead haha.

Now, I’ve been a bonafide commuter since I was 18 years old. Perhaps you can consider me a commuting late bloomer but seeing as I’m a girl coming from a relatively sheltered background then it’s actually not so bad. And no taking cabs does not count.

I remember my sister teaching me the 45 to one hour mrt/lrt/walking route between makati and katipunan in my freshman year. Then for my sophomore year I learned how to jeep by myself to UP for play practice.

So over the past 3 years I’ve pretty much adapted the rhythm of the streets from the honking horns to the jam packed stations into my stride. The familiarity is comforting as commuting has become almost a sort of brainless activity for me. Coins? Check. Baggage check? Check. Traveling in the right direction? Check.

But last week I made an irregular pit stop at Santolan where I caught a cab going to Arena. Although I think  this wasn’t my first experience at this particular station it sure felt like it because I was alone to figure out my route on my own. Since I have a pretty bad sense of direction you can see how this mini-adventure could possibly  lead me to potentially compromising situations.

As much as possible my parents don’t want me to take cabs and I remember that we semi-fought about my engagement (among other things) that day. But for a pretty busy person like me with no driver and who can’t drive (rather is not allowed to drive yet),  you can see how transportation is always an annoying predicament. But I’m as stubborn as I am busy so I try to never let it stop me. When there’s a will there’s a way!

Even though I’m used to the commute  I always find going somewhere new exciting. As sheltered and direction impaired I am,  it’s using whatever small amount of street smarts I have to find my way through uncharted territory that I find personally satisfying.

As I told my mom that day, I can’t be spoon fed all the time. Independence is partly doing what you have to do to go where you need to go, especially when it’s not a car ride away.


2 thoughts on “Uncharted Territory

  1. how familiar i am with what you’re going through! did you realize that santolan is a stones throw away from greenhills? I used to do the same route when i was doing the whole pearls things.

    good on you rix. i challenge you now NOT to cab to arena.. but to commute all the way. hee.

    • Yeah i remember you talking to me about commuting to green hills before. Are you reliving your college experience through me? Haha

      I wouldn’t mind taking a bus but I’m quite pressed on time! I have to hurry there cuz i have class right before. Although now papa is the one bringing me now. Hehe

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