Hodge Podge

DIVERCITY- Ateneo Rec Week

Patience is a virtue, especially for cameraless photowhores like me. You have to constantly bug and wait for your friends to post. And sometimes by the time they do, weeks, or even months have passed. So that leaves me with one choice: compile.

Luckily I have a camera now so I don’t have to wait so long. But since June has passed and pictures have been taken, here’s my hodge podge for the month courtesy of my friends.

Ako so Mr. and Ms. Suabee! Dre’s birthday party!

New friends, old faces.

Lisane and my first UROCK SHOW! And guess who was at the station. YAEL and other long haired guy from BAMBOO! My inner high school fan girl is screaming haha

Meet my maganda other half in ACOMM. Lauren!

We’re the AVP’s for the most awesome department ever, PROJECTS!

We hosted the Dept. GA.


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