Hot Pink Shoes to Fill

After covering my first official game two Saturday’s ago, I realized that no amount of prior experience – whether that’s in public speaking, debate, performing or even radio, could ever fully prepare me for my first UAAP report.

I’ve watched live many times before, but witnessing it as a reporter and sitting with the team on the court is like experiencing the game in high definition. Suddenly my senses are heightened and sharpened. You become almost acutely aware of everything around you.

The players look like giants. The cheers and the drums sound louder and lauder. The smell of sweat and the touch of the perspiring players as their skin braises mine during the half time huddle makes their hard work feel more tangible to a mere bystander like me. And lastly, I’ve never felt the taste of a championship being desired as strongly as the hungry boys playing on the courts of UAAP basketball.

Plus there’s the indescribable energy that the league is known for. The kind that fuels the never ending drive of the players and the relentless shouting of the fans.

Add that to the fact that my first game was against the back-to-back champions who just so happens to be my alma matter but rival to my pseudo new school and you’ve got a potentially short-circuit situation. Everything is turned up one notch higher from the cacophony of cheers clamoring for attention on opposite ends of the court to the jarring jerkiness in my heart.

But what’s ironic is that despite the distractions coming at me from all possible angles is that I find myself tuned into my own frequency. Perhaps that’s because i’m trying to focus but sometimes it feels like I’m experiencing the fast paced game in slow motion. Maybe that’s because my brain is trying to process it frame-by-frame.

Personally, my first game didn’t go the way I pictured it to be, nerves and all. But that’s me being my self-critical self who tends to be too hard on herself at times.

I can draw from all the past experiences I’ve had, but once I step onto that court I’m not Rica the thespian or Rica the debater. I’m Rica the court side reporter who’s armed with a microphone at hand and hot pink Nike dunks at foot and she definitely has her own shoes to fill.

But setting all my newbie frustrations aside, it was quite an exhilirating game to pop my UAAP cherry with!  Although I’m not representing my school, I feel lucky that I was given FEU who’s definitely a force to reckon with this season 73.  If i actually played basketball RR would be my idol haha. Click to meet some of the other CSR’s! Pics c/o Karen

With Karen – NU CSR! We’re both newbies.

Seasoned oldies – Job and Pach from ADU and UST!

Jessica, for Ateneo!

Nikko or “Tyler” as he is known on Magic for UE! Also a newbie but not really haha.

*Not pictured: Erin and Riki for DLSU and UP.


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