Fear Fatale – FEU Cheer Rally

If you can harness your fear and take its often gut-wrenching grip by the reigns, then you’re definitely in for a better ride. It can take you to places and make you do things that you never thought you had the courage to do until you finally put all your insecurities aside and just do it.

Initially I was hesitant to host the FEU cheer rally. Not that I’m not capable of hosting, but because it was totally out of my comfort zone on so many different levels. After all, it’s no secret that my tagalog isn’t exactly the best. Plus, any logical string of tagalog I can actually muster up is ripe with a conyo twang.  And it would be the first time I’d meet the school I was representing and vice versa.

But after a significant amount inner debate and debacle, I told myself that I have to stop letting fear make excuses for myself.  Panic for the unknown tends to over-exaggerate the future, making it seem much more foreboding than it actually is.

So, I took a deep breath and just dove headfirst into a pool of yellow and green.

Although I could’ve done better, given the circumstance the pep rally definitely turned out a lot better than I expected it to be, especially the part where I interviewed in TAGALOG. Ironically, that was my favorite moment haha. Actually, despite the initial insecurity what’s thrilling is when your instincts take over and kicks your fear fatale in the ass.  That’s when you know that everything is going to be okay.

With my first UAAP game just days away and many more potentially out-of-comfort-zone experiences to come, I know that this won’t be the last time I’ll feel this way.

But you know what? Despite the anxiety of taking the risk and putting yourself out there like this,  I certainly hope it wont be the last time I feel this way. Because if that was the case, then I’ll end up riding to  no where exciting.

This year’s Season 73 forecast is that my tagalog will definitely get better! Click to see pictures from the pep rally! Thanks to Aki for the pics!

Thanks to Aki, I didn’t have to commute to Recto!

Assistant director and Assistant Coach Mark Molina aka my liason

At first, a little bit unsure of what to do.

So… as a result i tend to bite my lip.

But eventually I get the hang of it.


Pep Squad.


I feel for our graduation speakers who tend to mispronounce our names. I don’t blame them because that’s ALOT of names to call out.


Will 2010 , season 73 be the year?

Interviewing Terrence Romeo, the incoming rookie who once scored  83 points in his juniors game!

I’m actually small! I could get used to this.

Note to self: Must learn the FEU alma matter and cheers. I am neutral, btw.

Thank you Gia for coming with me!

With coach Bert. The coaches are so nice! They are all willing to help you.

With Coach Molina.


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