Court Side Chronicles

Seven and a half years ago I started watching UAAP. I remember my adrenaline pumping and my screams roaring as Gec Chia made his unforgettable buzzer beater in Season 65’s semi-finals against the UE Red warriors.

Two years ago I entered college and cheered for my school as an official Atenean which made winning the season extra sweet.

One year ago my friend and I joked around that we should become court side reporters just because we thought our international twang would sound good on tv.

One month ago I walked into the ABS-CBN compound, aware that by entering into those doors, a window of opportunity could possibly open.

Fast forward to today and I would’ve never imagined that it actually would.

Three rounds and endless tortuous hours of anticipation later, the fact that I am actually an official UAAP court side reporter for Season 73 is still kinda surreal. It’s one of those things you always talk about but never imagined would actually come true.

It’s exciting yet frightening when you get your head out of the clouds only to realize that it’s not a dream anymore. You’re standing on real ground. My friends know how much and how long I’ve been patiently declaring to the universe for my time to come. And I’m really hoping it has.

Whether or not I would’ve gotten it, the experience of auditioning was well worth it. A story I would’ve looked forward to sharing with friends. There were so many equally or even more talented people around me, who not only have beautiful faces and killer smiles, but a charming personality as well. With the contestants, competition and callbacks  I couldn’t help but tell myself: This is how the contestants on American Idol must feel like!

I especially remember my second round of auditions where my nerves took a shot to my confidence and tangled my words up ALOT. I thought my performance was so terrible that I was ready to accept defeat – with myself as my number one contender. Personally, losing would’ve been okay. But losing when you know you it wasn’t your best makes for a sure knock out especially with no more rounds to go. I REALLY thought I blew it.

But God is kind and for some unknown reason someone out there believed that beneath that derange of inarticulateness was a person who made sense. I got a call back for the third and final round and I was determined to prove that it wouldn’t and shouldn’t be my last. With a smile on my face and conviction in my voice, what felt different this time around was that I told myself to just have fun and be myself. And I did.  Honestly, it makes a difference.

I know that this entry is long but words can not explain how extremely THANKFUL I am to have gotten this opportunity and to have such supportive friends and family who believed in me. Thank you God! Belief, I am now realizing is such a powerful feeling – whether it emanates from within you or the people around you.

As my dad told me last night “It was just there. You just had to open your eyes properly.”

My eyes are wide open right now and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me. I remember telling my friends that if I got everything I wanted this year I would be more than willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

Even if it’s not my school, I’m excited to be part of this as a Tamaraw! Or as my tito says Tamaraw + Wings = Pegasus!

Special thanks to Job De Leon and Gab Aguila aka my “career consultants.” I wouldn’t be here without them : )

One of the past reports said to record everything. Take pictures! Write a blog! Which is exactly what I’m going to do because I want to remember every moment. Good thing I’m finally getting a camera again! Click to see pictures

Excuse my retardedness but this is me getting my 3rd call back the night before my 20th birthday. I wanted to bow down right then and there and praise my birthday God’s!

Pretty Gia Jamias. Watch out for her next year ;-)

Thank you Gab for driving me, every step of the way haha

See what i told you about the competition being so pretty?

What’s in a name?

The waiting room where the anticipation is enough to blow the place up.

Once you enter those doors, it’s make or break.

The viewing room. You stand in front talking into a camera while people watch and ask you questions.

They make you put your name tag on your forehead to symbolize what you’re getting yourself into. People will think and act as if they know you and try to tell you what to do.

Admittedly, it freaks me out a bit that my FIRST game of the season is ADMU vs FEU. You’ll see me jumping up and down on the court trying to shake off my nerves haha.

You can never do these things alone. Thank you!


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