Upperclassmen Upper hand

You can really tell the difference between freshmen and upperclassmen especially during the first weeks of school. The girls are overly dressed parading around the campus with their high heels while the boys have silly smiles plastered across their face as they discover the beauties of co-ed education. They travel in packs, marking the cafeteria and matteo up as their own, ultimately making it reek of fresh meat.

The upperclassmen on the other hand are those watching from a distance, amusing themselves with their new found seniority. We’ve lost the pretension of making a good first impression and we’re old enough to walk around on our own. And said with much satisfaction and conviction, we wait until our second, third or fourth year of the  “first weeks of school” to finally get to utter to our friends: “Freakin’ freshmen.  You’re taking up too much space!”

But whether you’re a freshmen or in my case a junior, there are certain things about the first weeks of school that doesn’t grow old. These things still excite me almost as much as they did 3 years ago:

Thinking of my first day outfit, seeing who lost & gained weight, friends, potential cute classmates, buying school supplies, writing on the first blank page of a notebook, organizing my planner, etc.

No matter how old I get there are just somethings that never change while unfortunately others do – like the dress code enforcement in the library and matteo! But i’ll save my ranting for my g! article.

I know this post is about 2 weeks late but i’ve been pretty busy. But overall it’s been a pretty good. That’s another difference between freshmen and upperclassmen. Our faces already look stressed with org responsibilities and course work while freshmen  faces get to look fresh up until the first month of school.

I can already foresee a hectic year ahead but it’s definitely going to be a labor of love.  Click to see how my first two weeks went!

The keys to my independence. This year I moved to a new dorm and so far I’m really enjoying it!

Partly because compared to last year I get sooo much more private/personal space which I realize makes a big difference. Sometimes after a long day from school, when you go to your home away from home, you just want to be alone. But I love my roomate Camila, who’s chill and pretty awesome.

Hello, school.

First class of the day economics! I thought I’d be alone but jayvee is my classmate!

Jv: Damn, there are a lot of chinese people in this class

Me: Crap, they’re going to mess with the curve!

Going out to eat lunch in Katipunan. First week of school = Blowing your allowance in the first few lunches

Excited much?

The new kenny rogers/ seattles best is fancy shmancy.

Keena – my sexy break buddy.

Oooh I think i spotted someone yummy. Jsec is the perfect place to people watch

School mode, blech.

It’s not JSEC anymore it’s SOM MALL. Lingo of an upperclassmen

Some freshmen are cool – like Adi, Keena’s transferee blockmate

ISM reprizzeeennt. Ron!

Cello’s to feed a hungry tummy and creative mind for our g! meeting

Our perky amazingly multi-talented editor! Sayang, the bottle got in the way

I think the g! staff is fairly attractive and talented. That’s Job, last year’s Adamson courtside reporter and Urock dj!


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