When life turns real – Transitions to Twenty


Age is just a number, a timeline of which we string the moments of our life upon.  It’s an indication of who we were at a particular time and a measure of whether that person lives up to the person we’re supposedly mature enough to be.

That’s because age and maturity grow up together like two friends holding each other’s hands, guiding and often times disagreeing with each other along the way. Sometimes their arguments end in disappointment while other times they live harmoniously.  The challenge is in finding that balance.

So, the question is: What exactly does it mean to be 20?

Turning 20 is transitioning from the first decade of my life to the second. Turning 20 is numerically leaving teenage-hood behind even if in actuality I may still be in many ways juvenile. Most of all, turning 20 is a call that my life is about to turn real. Whether or not I’m mature enough to answer, it’s a number from a person that I can no longer put on hold – even if I wanted to.

“More than anything, this is the time that your life becomes real. And it is beautiful.”

When I asked some of my older friends what it meant to enter my twenties, these are some of the words of wisdom they shared. It’s the time when the world won’t hesitate to discriminate anymore and you’ll know enough to look back at it in the eye and draw your own line. What’s beautiful is being able to see it for what it really is and surviving.  What’s beautiful is experiencing reality and finding that balance despite of it.

As daunting as growing up may sound, I’m not scared. Because so far the past 20 years of my life have been beautiful and I’m certain that surviving the next 20 years will be as well.  Age may be just another number but birthday’s serve as a reminder that there are many things to be thankful for and many more to look forward to in the future.

I had a great 20th on the day itself birthday enjoying the simple pleasures of all these blessings. Thank you to those who spent the day with me and sent me all those wonderful messages. Click to see how my day went : )

There are certain things you can get away with on your birthday. It’s called the birthday excuse.

1. Eating cake for breakfast

“Because everyone deserves cake on their birthday.” Thank you Camila!


2. Choosing where to eat and pigging out without feeling guilty. Birthday boy arbie in the top left who reminds me how nice it is to be young!

3. Indulge your egoism because this is one day of the year when being center of the world can be your birth right haha.

Actually, I saw Mej’s car (who just so happens to have the same birthday as me) so I thought I’d leave her a note!

What would my birthday be without a birthday beer belly! I treated 2 rounds.


The one thing I didn’t want to happen on my birthday was to be alone. Thank you Keena for spending the afternoon with me while everyone had class!

The South boys came to Katipunan! Here’s Aki,one of those blessings in disguise. I’m going to miss him when he leaves.

Gabe takes a study break to come spend some time with me!

Me: I have a feeling we’re going to be friends for a long time

Gab:  That’s because our friendship turned real. And that’s rare.

With out Job, I doubt any of these opportunities would be knocking on my door right now.  So, thank you!

Jaja, Fez and Miggy – people I’ve been sharing crazy adventures with lately.


Mej – my birthday twin and bestfriend. How often does that happen? We’re going to grow old together.

Dinner at The Reserve with the Triplets. 20 years was made more beautiful because of these 2.


A night of amazing indie music – the perfect way to end the night.


To complete the night I accidentally ran into Jobim, my guy bestfriend from high school who gave me his own words of wisdom because 1. He knows me best 2. He knows life best.


I love these pictures. No matter how old I get, I know I ain’t gonna live forever, so I just want to live while i’m alive.

Because before I know it, time will fly and I’ll be 21 already.


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