Why do we fight?

If it wasn’t for Ateneo, then I’d probably be studying abroad. If it wasn’t for communications, then I’d probably be taking up international relations. Two very different paths huh? Who knows who or where I’d be if the coin landed on the other side.

As I said in my previous entry I’ll be posting some old essays. This is the one I wrote for an international relations scholarship in Clark University. I didn’t get the scholarship, but I did get into the university which I honestly really wanted to go to if I had the funds.

Anyways, this was the time when I was more globally aware and honestly felt like my future was in foreign affairs. I wanted to be a diplomat negotiating peace talks between countries. Oh how things change! Looking back I wish I could’ve written the article differently. While I was reading it I saw so many things I wanted to edit!


Why do we fight?

I was in my Theory of Knowledge class one Monday morning when my teacher asked us: Why do we fight? It was such a simple question yet it left our class unsure of how to respond. After 80 minutes of discussion the bell rang signalling the end of the period. But I was still pondering about how it related to me as a student and person in general. So as I walked to my next class I asked myself: Why do I fight?

I believe that whether or not we’re aware of it we’re always fighting for “something.”  As students we fight to be heard by the administration. As teenagers we fight to be recognized by our peers. And as children we fight for freedom from our parents. These are all causes that at one point in our lives we can identify with and perhaps prepares us to fight for something that we believe in the future. But for me, I wish to fight for causes that can be applied on a global scale. As a dedicated and passionate delegate of Model United Nations (MUN) for three years, I fight for diplomacy.

My involvement in MUN makes me choose to fight for diplomacy because that’s what I believe is needed to overcome global issues. Diplomacy shows that it is possible for people who have different skin colors and are from different cultures to set these aside and work together for a common goal. It is an act that serves as an example; a model of character that I believe can transcend feelings of hate, disagreement and tension. However, despite the fact that we have institutions like the UN that try to uphold the meaning of diplomacy, it’s still lacking worldwide.

Because we are living in a world that is continuously being shaped by war we need diplomacy to intervene because everyday we see pages of our history books come to life in the news. Palestinian refugees clash with Israeli forces in the battle for a Promised Land; American soldiers and Islamic insurgents combat in Baghdad; and political giants fighting a military dictator for control over 170,000,000 people in Pakistan. Even in the Philippines we need diplomacy to enable open communication with the government and the factions and minority groups that continuously try to be heard. This is because when their voices can’t be heard, then they resort to using force instead. This can ultimately affect the lives of thousands of Filipino’s, including myself, when bombs explode in shopping malls that my friends and I visit or when coups take over buildings that are within my community.

For years we have been fighting with our fists and guns rather than our ability to communicate with our voices. Everyone deserves the right to be heard but I believe that when we resort to violence that this is achieved with great casualties. In a world filled with conflict, diplomacy is what is needed to overcome it together.

This is why I fight. I fight for diplomacy.


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