Yes, It’s on and poppin’

Summer days left: 7

After experiencing the world of the employed as an intern this summer, the question now is: Which do i prefer being – a working girl or a student?

Before officially ending my internship I remember my editor asking whether I was looking forward to going back to school, especially since for the past two months I’ve gotten to learn first hand from a classroom without walls.

My answer? Well, it’s a yes. Because as much as I’ll surely doze off listening to a boring lecture by a monotonous teacher and would much rather be covering events and meeting people who are much cooler than anyone i could ever meet in school, the bottom line is this: I feel like there are just so many things to look forward to this year such as ACOMM and g! magazine (to name a few) that will kick, push, pull and hone me into a much better version of myself.



For juniors it’s THE year to step up especially when I know that most of my friends have core positions this year, including myself. It’s something my blockmates have talked about in Matabungkay. As juniors we pretty much have enough experience to our name that we can’t use ignorance that as freshmen we used as our excuse for pretty much everything. As sophomores we could still get away with it.

Because of how hectic high school was for me I’ve been floating for the first two years of college, taking my time to test the waters before I dive in deep into my extra curricular activities.  But now, I’m finally ready to take the plunge! The currents might pull me deep into the undertow where at times I might find myself desperately gasping for air. But I’m a strong swimmer. And I know that there will be people there to rescue me if needed – such as Lauren my co AVP for the ACOMM projects department.


Plus there are my friends and orgmates who I’m looking forward to enduring the perils of university with. And there’s the other extra “stuff” that I’m hoping will make my school year the BEST it can be. In fear that I might jinx my chances by mentioning it here, I won’t just yet. But soon, I hope. Real soon.

I know I’ve mostly been posting pics of my lakwatchera side but my days have been just as full as my nights! It’s just that playing seems to be more fun to document than working and I don’t have my own camera (yet.) BUT as Idge says below in his ACOMM presentation we’ll all work hard to party even harder!


Sometimes I may prefer the working world, but I feel like I haven’t milked college for all its worth just yet.

So rain or shine, A’s or C’s, well-rested or stressed, whatever this year will be, I’m looking that bitch straight in the eye and saying BRING IT.


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