Bum-ward bound

So much for bumming the last two weeks of my summer. I guess it’s hard to stay at home when there’s s0 much going on in the real world where responsibilities exist and friends are around to get you out of bed. Even if you come back during the day once you step out of the house i feel like  it’s not considered real bumming anymore. That’s because it feels like it’s on a schedule. True bumming is when the hours eventually run into the days and you can’t tell the difference between the two anymore.

I’ve been waking up earlier to make the days feel longer because the weeks seem shorter which only means that school is much nearer.  The thing is… my list of things to do before summer ends hasn’t gotten significantly shorter! Personally I need full bumming days because I tend to move much slower which makes it harder to accomplish anything. Anyways, I have 14 days to do the ff:

  • Finish Skins Season 2-3 (Semi-check)
  • Start and finish OTH Season 7
  • Start and finish Chuck season 2
  • Watch the movies i downloaded (Semi-check)
  • Clean my room especially my closet to hopefully make room for new clothes
  • Pick and print pictures to decorate my wall with
  • Download music and update ipod
  • Learn, play and record a song on the guitar
  • Finish “Measure of a Man” and start on my third book of the summer
  • Exercise (which I’ve actually been semi-doing!)
  • Shopping
  • Foodie date with Karen
  • Get enough sleep

Comments about what movies to download and watch would very much be appreciated!

On the upside i’m not complaining because I’m still having fun. Distillery Monday’s and Cheers Wednesdays at Ponti’s occupies most of my nights. Then there’s org stuff and errands to run which not only requires me to commute to the north most of the time but takes up most of the day. Plus, I’ve begun playing frisbee and I’m going all the way to ateneo to do it which is another time guzzler but i don’t mind because it guzzles the fat as well. And well, there’s catching up with much needed friends like Lena who’s finally back from Italy!

Or I can blame blogging for taking up the time needed to do everything else.


5 thoughts on “Bum-ward bound

    • Of course you are! What would my summer be if i didn’t have at least ONE date with you over good food haha.

      What kind of food is there? You can pick. I don’t care as long as the food is good and looks nice in pictures :P

  1. you should download history boys! i really thing you’ll like it. but if you can’t, i can always lend it to you :D

  2. Clean your room huh?

    Ziggurat has middle eastern / african food. have always wanted to try it out.

    Please add – doing side line job for my ate as one of things you need to accomplish!

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