Brunettes have more fun!


I probably change my hair style as often or even more than I go shopping in months. While others go to the malls to make themselves over through clothes, I visit the salon to feel the trans formative power of changing your hair whether it’s in the cut or color.

So since school is starting soon I did what I always do in preparation for a “new chapter” in my life – change up my look. From black back to brown (again) my locks now look almost as sunkissed as my skin. As you can see in the picture above this is probably the nth haircut or hairstyle i’ve had in two years. Its been quite a hair evolution with sideswept bangs to bob-cuts to the awkward stages of growing it out which is unfortunately its sad state now.  I’m missing long hair again so my options were pretty limited this time around.

In fear that I may appear to be more narcissistic than I’m willing to admit myself to be, here’s my rationale:

1. I really am that vain (with my hair at least)

2. When you feel good on the outside, you feel good in the inside (cliche, i know)

3. Boredom

4. When you want to implement change in your life manifesting that through a new look helps with the process. Because looking and feeling like a different person, even in the slightest ways motivates you to act like one too.

Number 4 is pretty much the reason why its become sort of a personal tradition. Admittedly it might be a little extreme especially when it changes almost every summer and sembreak but since when was a little re-invention bad for anyone?  If it works for Madonna then it can work for me! We should always start anything with a little bit of gusto even if you have to start with your hair!

Besides, brunettes have more fun! Sorry, no picture to accompany the new do.


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