I fell in love at the seaside

She handled her charm with time and slight of hand, and oh…

2 weekends ago I went to Matabungkay with my blockmates.  In a span of two years we’ve grown into different people with conflicting schedules and tracks of study. We don’t hang out as much as we used to but we make it a point to find occasion’s to see each other from time to time.  No matter how distant everyone’s lives have become, in the end it’s the effort that keeps it from getting lost at sea.

We didn’t do much swimming , drinking (or picture taking, surprisingly.) Rather we talked, and talked, and talked about our dreams (among other things) and their seemingly infinite horizons which are actually not as far off as it seems. Who knew the universe could ever feel so tangible?

Anyways, asides from the obvious catch up, an a3 outing is the perfect excuse for this:

Meet the girls:

Anaelle, potential photog.

Karen, inner hipster even if she tries to deny it.

Roxy, fuckyeahskinny bitch, but still gorgeous

Me, whose glasses have become an extension of who i am.

Gio, whose path uncannily crosses mine at times, especially this summer.  Fellow STATUS interns

Roxy and Jio, our man whose mostly behind the cam. Current workhalolic and future billionaire.

Do you want to go to the seaside? I’m not trying to say that everybody wants to go.


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