Drunken words are sober thoughts


Cheers Wednesday’s at Ponti. May 12.

Some things are definitely better left unsaid. And this night was no exception.


The night started out innocently enough with good friends loading up at my house beforehand. Our age foolishly makes us believe that we can do anything and everything. So we tend to push ourselves until we break. After all, we’re only young once and we can still afford to be wild, reckless, make stupid mistakes and suffer all kinds of hang overs in the morning. It’s the consciousness of our youth that’s both naive yet true.


Our friends are our partners in crime. We’ll always have each others backs, especially when things get a little bit crazy, which it did.


Meet my girl Keena from Singapore lah! We have the coolest friendship story. We  met in an international conference a couple years ago and now she’s here to stay. I have a feeling our Manila chapter is just beginning. Given our similar backgrounds we get each other in ways only other third culture kids can.

I wish this was the last shot of the night. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Because once you’re in, it’s every man and woman for themselves.

Because anything can happen.


“Alcohol really does crappy things, and once we’re under the influence, it makes us consume more, which makes us doeven crappier things. We’ve all had days like that and in the future, we’ll have even more days that are just absolutely fucked up. But it’s not the end of the world.”

And as fucked up as it was, life did move on. No more flirting with the unforeseeable future where playing with the what if’s of your past (and present) fucks you up just as easily as a shot of bacardi does to your head. The detox is done. And I promise you there will be no more relapses.

You live. You learn. And you let go. So that we can live to party another day. But hopefully this time with a little bit more restraint.


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