Moving out, Moving on.

1I find it amusing to revisit similar experiences from last year’s summer but are now under very different circumstances only to be reminded just how much has changed since then.

A year ago I moved into Xanland, my home away from home on the weekdays, excited at the prospect of independence, freedom and the start of new friendships with my soon to be roomates. As I shopped with my mom for condo-ments to furnish it with I remember the guy I was texting and the flurry of conflicting emotions.

Today I moved out of Xanland, my home away from home on the weekdays, nostalgic and reflective of the memories made, lessons learned and the friendships almost lost with my soon to be ex-roomates. As I shopped with my mom to buy a mattress for my new dorm I am texting a different guy with significantly less conflicting emotions.

Although I would’ve preferred closing this chapter with a different ending for what it’s worth it was still one hell of an experience – from the late night talks to even later inumans and a study sessions. But moving on doesn’t necessarily mean goodbye though. It simply means continuity but with a different part of your life. And honestly, sometimes you have to humbly thank the people who got you there no matter how they managed to do so.

I guess that’s the great thing about moving out – you can literally compartmentalize parts of your life into little boxes and see the bigger picture in the empty space that remains.

So here’s my tribute to the Condoms, the girls of 412, our extended family and the crazy yet fun year that I shared with them. As we all move on h0pefully all our suitcases are light and free from any unwanted weight from the past but heavy with memories that we’ll carry with us for a life time.


We started our new condo life with my 19th birthday. They gave me my first ever birthday surprise which I’ll always remember them for.

Cheers to the crazyness that ensues behind closed doors.

The photoboothings

Jian, our night time crusader, this couch and all that it stands for hahaha


The all nighters, staying awake  with each others company (along with cobra!)


Our lovely failure of a corkboard


3 thoughts on “Moving out, Moving on.

  1. This was a really nice entry. You will always be the “writer” in our group. Those pictures were really nice. Scanning through them rekindled so much memories — memories which i will forever treasure. Thank you for making last school year awesome! I am really lucky to have you as our friend. Thank you for all the crazy moments and for the sad ones. Thank you for the hugs and the comforting smiles. Thank you for the drunken and sleepless nights. Thank you for introducing us to the night life and to all your awesome friends! 412 will never be complete without you. We may all part ways but 412 will always be our “BIRTHDAY SEX” room! I love and miss you Rica. We all can’t wait to hangout with you again, seriously. We’re all in Katipunan, dude! Just text. I love you – Betty

  2. RICA!! I love your writing. I really appreciate everything that you wrote. It’s sad that it did not end as well as planned, I’m still glad that we still remained friends. I miss all our H2H coz I think you really are the one I talk to most about my feelings because you are the one always asking and i’d always feel comfortable talking to you about these stuff. Whenever I’d ride an MRT to Makati area, our little adventure is the first thing that comes to my mind. Thank you for everything. Thanks for all the laughs, the hugs, the new life I learned, and for everything you did for me. Your friends who eventually became really good friends of mine were all awesome. To all the crazy nights, cheers!
    I’m always here for you Rica! I miss our little H2H sessions and life in 412 was definitely one year of unforgettable experiences. I miss you and I love you! – AWW-BRY how you call me. :))

  3. HAVEFUN at St. Cecilia’s Rics! I hope you have fun with all the Bacolod girls. Go share all your Bacolod experiences with them. :p Plus it doesn’t hurt that they’re lakwatcheras and hard core drinkers too!

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