Tick Tock

Currently digging the vibes in my room where the ac is on and everything is illuminated by the aura of yellow light, recently downloaded tunes and solemnity.It’s my most comforting atmosphere and I love losing myself in this fabricated little world. These are the moments when I don’t want to be bothered by anything or anyone else but my own thoughts.

They say that writing down the things you want to accomplish increases the chances of actually fulfilling them. I’m not a stickler for schedules (although I’m usually prompt), have a malleable sense of discipline so i usually veer off track, and most of the time I find myself aimlessly staring at my mind’s list to do because I have more fun contemplating about it than actually doing it. But tomorrow WILL be different because there’s only one month left of summer and a million other things I want to do besides live my life online.

It is currently 12:10 am. In my effort to waste less time online, feed my mind, and be more physically active, tomorrow, I will:

  • Sleep in 50 minutes so I can…
  • Wake up to jog and swim at 7am (Shet)
  • Start reading another book
  • Fix my music, change my guitar strings
  • Fix my room

Which I promise I will do before I:

  • Edit and post the Caliraya pictures
  • Write blog about Caliraya
  • Write blog about everything else that’s been mulling over in my head…

And of course I have to squeeze this in between:

  • Officially moving out of Xanland
  • Running errands with my parents
  • Voting

Because there can’t be more than 24 hours in a day, this is why I must learn to stop fucking around with my body clock, stop sleeping at 3am and waking up near noon just to waste my day all over again.

The non-insomniacs have it easy.


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