Tutor girl

1Before I “officially” become a tutor girl I have to undergo 6 days of training, 4 hours per day with each session lasting for an hour each. Today was only my second day and it’s evident that I have to become a master multi-tasker and brush up on my high school math (two things I’m honestly not very good at!) I feel for the polynomials that are being factored, squared, multiplied and divided because that’s how my brain felt as I attempted to re-awaken its left side which has been in hibernation for almost 2 years. Given that I’m a comm major obviously math is not our language of choice! As for the multi-tasking, there’s a system of which papers to teach and submit for recording while you’re handling at most 3 kids (which awaits me next week!)


So yeah, today was pretty overwhelming but otherwise it can also be relatively light if you’re teaching reading/writing for beginners with awesome well behaved kids. But even if they’re makulit you can’t get mad at a face that’s FREAKIN ADORABLE. There’s one who looks like the baby from Ice Age and I have the urge to say “Where’ the baby!”

So far the experience has brought me back to school not only because of the subject matter but because it’s quite nostalgic.My heart went out to the Khela, the little girl struggling to memorize her multiplication tables and divide fractions as I once did during my Kumon days.

Given that most of these kids are from the IS-Brent-expat community it reminds me how spoiled and incredibly lucky I am to have had that kind of education myself because honestly the conditioning does make a difference. My dad laughed when I told him that. Now that i’m old enough it makes me appreciate even more the value of education and how it can have a tremendous impact on how you grow up and interact with the real world. I can only hope that in the future I can afford to do the same!


Here’s where we mold the great minds of the future! Reminds me of Reedley with its carpeted floors, cotton back chairs and white walls decorated with scholarly ornaments.


We use tokens to barter good work with goodies that can be bought from the “store” aka positive reinforcement (brushing up on my psych lessons too haha)


Some kids save their tokens to buy bigger and better things from the store in the future which is a lesson i wish i learned at their age!


Do not bite the hand that feeds the mind.


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