Behind the ink- STATUS Day 11

What I like about working at STATUS are the people.  Because it’s a lifestyle magazine my office mates are naturally as hip, fresh, young and cool as the image we’re trying to project so it’s easier for the interns to feel relaxed and have fun with their work! So although they are technically our bosses it’s nice that we can crack a joke, make kwento or in this case photoshoot with our editors! So meet some of the faces behind the ink!


The editorial interns

Dizzyrizzy, Senorica, & Giodion always ready to update you what’s new on the blogosphere.

Our bosses

As an intern we’re practically obliged to answer anyone’s beck and call because we lay low in the working world hierarchy. BUT there’s always one person who’s serves as your “big boss.” For me, I answer to and learn mostly everything from Tin!

Reena and Loris – fashion forward and stylishly armed with more than just a pen

Whatup Gio and Nante!

It’s not always all work and no play!

For some reason our office aircon sucks so  we often find creative ways to beat the heat.


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