Where BOB lives – Day 1


BOB is a small provincial boy with big city dreams . And although he stands for the Best of Bacolod he actually lives within the hearts of the Bacolodians, a pretty much random group of friends from Manila with a penchant for adventure, fun and spontaneity. Prior to the trip i was wondering whether the chemistry would either  spark’ or blow up in our face. Luckily it was former which made for the best 4 days and 3 nights I’ve ever encountered with friends. BOB will be with us no matter where we decide to frolic to next.

I’m glad I decided to spend my money on this and not Boracay (again) where there it’s the same old thing as in the city – except with less clothes on. We did so many different things (at a cheap cost) which you are about to see with my endless photospamage of the trip.



  • Daddeh Gabe aka “The Boss”
  • Job” the delinquent” and neighborhood best friend of baby boy Arbie
  • “Baby boy” Arbie, distantly related to Justin Bieber
  • “Manong” Miggy
  • Hot “Gardener” Aki
  • “Paparazzi” Fez
  • “Mommeh” Rica aka Spicy Rix
  • “Hot Yaya” Jaja
  • “Princess” Camille
  • Tita aka “Mama Marge!”

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Stop 1: Airport


We were never really lost in transition – from the airport to beginning’s of our friendship. The cool 3 am air was the only thing that felt crisp upon our skin as the friendly chatter warmed our hearts. This trip was the ticket to board on future adventures to come.

Ps, never Go Lite! My ignorance cost me P400!

Stop 2: Arbie’s House

Bacolod breakfast! It was only the first couple of hours and it already felt like we were moving into “home.” Note, if possible always share one room. It makes bonding more fun. Sleep on top of each other if you have to  hahaha

Stop 3: Lakawon


The bangka was as eager to take us to a small remote island as I was to FINALLY hit the beach!


Boracay may be the poster child for sparkling blue waters and white sandy beaches but it is definitely not our only one. The Philippine’s is beautiful. Sadly its beauty is overshadowed my clouds of corruption and poverty.


Intoxication’s got us playing with sand.

8Because Aki and I are bad ass like that.  Who does the hot gardener usually have an affair with again? Hahaha kidding :)


What’s the beach without inihaw and rice doused with toyo and vinegar where this sour duo compliments the salty taste of a day spent under the sun and sand.  Westerners are missing out.


Looking for love.


3 thoughts on “Where BOB lives – Day 1

  1. I must say – you are REALLY machaga (is that how you spell it?! wait a minute.. why would you know?! lol) with your photo collage-ing – I get so lazy, I think I sustained making collages for like.. 3 months.

    • I think it’s matiaga because there’s no “ch” in tagalog. Alam na! Give me some credit haha.

      As i’ve said repeatedly, pictures are the only thing i’m oc with! And that’s how i destress. It takes a lot of my time which is why I feel like i waste my day hahaha. Oh well. It’s also my compensation for not having my own camera. Plus, the pics are too nice and i can never pick just a couple :P

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