The insatiable appetite

1Food isn’t the only thing I like filling my plate with. My menu always includes an assortment of friends, each with their own particular taste but equally as satisfying especially when experienced with a side dish of events, parties and gimmiks – just for some added flavor. Now my glass is brimming with all kinds of potential extra curricular activities. Instead of being half empty, the glass is now almost half full.

In my attempt to make some money I just came back from an interview with the Tutoring Club at the fort earlier. In my short experience with job hunting she was far by the most fierce with her no nonsense attitude and quick, direct and straight to the point interrogation of my credentials and explanation of the job. Perhaps she’s a dragon lady in hiding but that’s hard to imagine when you’re teaching kids right?  Sometimes I don’t mind being around people like that because it means that they mean business.

She said she liked my credentials which makes me think about how job interviewers know within 30 seconds whether they’ll hire you or not (I heard this somewhere.) So make sure you make a good first impression – if not on your resume then on your outfit!

Anyways, I landed myself a saturday 9-12 job which will hopefully continue even when school starts! Yes i know i have a tendency of over stuffing myself but it’s hard not to when the choices are so delicious and cater to my insatiable appetite for “something more.” Plus, i’m near broke and it would be great to have some extra money.


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