Birthday brunch

1 “Rica, can you play some of your “modern” music please” – Ate Pia preparing for her birthday lunch @ the house

Since we’re 8 years apart I always tease my sister about her age whenever it’s her birthday because she’s kinda prehistoric compared to me (Hi ate, I know you’re reading this!) You know the generation gap is evident when someone asks you who Justin Beiber is. Either that or you actually have good taste in music (or live under a rock. )

I may have outgrown her alootttt in height but I hope to one day arise to her level of maturity. Perhaps that comes with age but  she’s always been pretty wise at every number she turns and that’s one of the reasons why I look up to her. Despite our obvious differences, I see a lot of myself in her – from our naturally gregarious nature to our love for sweets and the arts to our belief that simple serendipities is the key to happiness.

2I’m saddened by siblings I know who are closer in age, but further apart at heart. Because even if we have 8 years between us  I could pretty much be talking to a friend – just one who nags more and annoyingly has the birth right to do so.

Anyways, she turned 28 on the 28th but today we had a small lunch at the house so she could celebrate with her friends. My mom is a FANTASTIC cook and baker so click to get a glimpse of the Facundo version of thisiswhyyou’refat. Pictures also include those from our dinner out in Chelsea. DISCLAIMER: Pictures might make you hungry


Red velvet cupcakes! I’m a sucker for sweets!


Are you drooling yet?


Ceasar salad, cream of pumpkin soup and toasted focasia bread.

Mom’s famous lasagna which we only eat on special occasions – and for good reason. Super fattening!

Balsamic chicken


At Chelseas – a cute touch to the reservations

We got it from our momma!

My pops, whose bark is worse than his bite.

I’m black, she’s white.


One thought on “Birthday brunch

  1. I could strangle you on so many levels for this entry. But other than that… >—- :) —-<

    It's easy (or a necessity – whatever you choose to believe) naman when I have siblings like you guys.

    On a different but related noted, a friend during the brunch also showed me this Justin Beiber thing yesterday and I said.. "Who's he?!". I keep thinking his name is Justin Beaver. Lol.

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