Stupid is not cool

1Over summer it feels like the weekdays are the weekends so there’s not as much pressure to go out on a Friday or Saturday night because it all feels the same. But I’m glad I opted to go with Job (one of those “windows” hopefully helping me get the ball rolling as mentioned earlier) and Aaron to the Franco album launch in Eastwood tonight. You could say it’s not really my usual “scene” but I’ have a penchant for straddling borders of my own world and that of others – just so i can get a taste of what else is out there. Besides I genuinely enjoy rock, just as long as it’s not too in my face with heavy metal roaring. There’s something invigoratingly real about the culture, from the damp sweat infested air to the groupies who just don’t give a fuck.

2Afterwards Arbie joined us for “intellectual conversations” filled with good vibrations in Dencios .

I remember telling Lena last night how good it feels to be developing what I hope will be “real” friendships with my own batch mates. As much as I love them most of my karbakada are a lot older so they’re in different parts of their lives while here I’m pretty much considered old (age wise.)  She replied saying that it’s nice to befriend people who are pretty much going through the same things you are.

So,  given the way we “vibe” I’d like to think we’re all pretty much on the same intellectual semi-egotistical wave length (because every aspiring writer is.) And as Arbie says, there’s a difference between your party friends and your actual “college barkada.”

3The actual blog about Franco itself to follow once I get the pictures from the photographer i talked to and will hopefully be posted on the STATUS website.  In the mean time enjoy mine! Perhaps blurry is better than no camera at all. My rationale for the unwanted effect is the my artistic licence.

Click to see more pictures


Job & Aaron learn that everything that grows from the earth is good.


“Being around Job lowers my value”


My friends, we are one again tonight.


Spectators view


Jaja appears

“Pwede si job, he’s just short”


Shamelessly groupies. The band guy looks like Stu B!



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