No haters – STATUS Day 10

For those who don’t know I’m interning at STATUS magazine this summer and since then I’ve been chronicling my experience. But sometimes there are so many things that happen in one day that I don’t end up writing about it because the blogs get too lengthy and I like to blab. So since I started this wordpress for self-preservation’s sake i’ll just compress everything into parts.

– I’m a little bit torn. After hearing what the marketing interns have been doing the comm major in me is doing all sorts of somersaults inside – itching to call clients, do casting calls and close deals as well. I enjoy writing but I think that area is what I’m naturally suited for being “sociable” and all (even though i’ve already expressed how much i dislike marketing.)  This is where the journalism versus advertising part of me meet at a crossroads. Luckily I don’t have to make that decision just yet. And besides whether or not journalism is where my future lays the whole point of this internship is to get a better idea of where I want to go. I can still afford to get lost along the way.

– It makes such a BIG difference when you work with someone you already know! Generally everyone is really friendly here but now that Gio’s interning with me  it makes the atmosphere definitely feel more comfortable. We’ve been having noon time makati walking adventure haha. Pictures to follow!

– I hope this is right when i say that we had a “Post Mortum” yesterday (because according to my dad it means something about the dead.) It’s when the marketing and editorials team meet to analyze and give feedback on every page of the last issue! Although it might sound meticulous, it’s actually not as stressful as it sounds. If you’re gunning to be on top, you gotta self-bleed yourself dry. Even if we’re interns we’ve been brimming with all sorts of comments!


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