Good Burger, Good Vibes.

In college I’ve learned that you can meet all sorts of new people but few of which really stick around till the end. That’s why I never expect much or keep my hopes up because I’m aware of how transient these relationships can be. And it took me almost 2 years to realize that just because you get along with them, doesn’t mean that they’re your friends.  So I enjoy it while it lasts because really, we’ll never know who’ll be more than just a certain chapter of our lives so why not just enjoy the ride, right?

The latest chapter is what I like to call the “Bacolodians” aka the random group of friends I spent 4 days and 3 nights with in Bacolod. (Another post to follow about that awesome trip.)  I just came back from Burger Night at Chillis with them where there was a P120 promo on all burgers and not only was the dinner and trip sulit, but the friendship is too.

Honestly ever since the “Singles” group formed last sembreak I never thought I’d find another batch of friends whose chemistry feels as good as the burger meal I just had – unpretentious, filling and satisfying. With them I wouldn’t mind going for seconds, thirds or until there’s not enough space for anything more.


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